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    Privacy Policy

BTC Privacy Policy


The privacy policy on this page details the manner in which BTC and its subsidiaries (“BTC group”) collects and maintains all personal and confidential information from its users, including, but not limited to:
first and last name, email address, country of residence, and telephone numbers (hence to be referred to as “Information”). Every member of the BTC group is subject to all applicable privacy laws in the state or country in which it is incorporated.

By using the BTC website and platform and applications, the user officially accepts the BTC privacy policy, and all legal statements and notices contained within the website, the platforms and any and all applications. Any trader’s use of the BTC website, platforms and applications is governed by the privacy policy that is in effect on the date the the BTC system is being accessed.

Users are welcome to contact the BTC customer support team at support@btcsignal.com with any questions or clarifications needed before trading with BTC.

When does BTC collect client information?

BTC collects relevant information when a client:

  1. a. Opens an account, and must provide data via electronic registration forms
  2. b. Executes a financial transaction, including the deposit or withdrawal of funds
  3. c. BTC occasionally collects user data from third parties, such as user credit history

Information that BTC collects includes that which is necessary in order to communicate with users (e.g. email, phone number, address), as well as to verify that the user is legally permitted to access the BTC platform (e.g. ID documents, utility bills), and to assess the risk factor to BTC (bank account details, etc.).

How does BTC collect client information?

BTC clients must provide all Information requested by BTC via the electronic forms that appear on the BTC website/platforms/applications, and by sending the documentation that BTC requests. BTC is also able to garner additional information by virtue of the use of the platform, such as Internet Protocol (IP) address, software configuration, operating system and use of cookies. Cookies do not contain information that personally identify a user, but rather enable the BTC server to detects trends from the computer in use. Users who do not disable cookies in their web browser thereby consent to the BTC cookie policy.

How does BTC use client information?

1) Use of Information:-
    BTC uses personal information and details in order to:

  1. a. Meet all legal and regulatory requirements
  2. b. Marketing, administration and customer service
  3. c. Ensure that services and content meet the needs and interests of the users
  4. d. To establish the user’s trading account – issuing account number, password, and logging activity.

In the event that BTC needs to share the client’s information with a third party service provider or agent, the third party must acknowledge the confidentiality of the information, and the user’s privacy rights, and that the third party comply with the principles in the BTC privacy policy.

BTC, or affiliates and subsidiaries, may initiate checks to ensure against money laundering, fraud and identity theft, and if circumstances require, BTC will share its findings with relevant bodies and organizations, including legal authorities, financial institutions and credit reference agencies.

The Information that BTC collects allows better service to the users, a customized browsing experience, and information of products, services and promotions that match the user browsing interests. BTC retains user information even after accounts are deactivated, in order to meet regulatory requirements, and to periodically offer users the opportunity to reactivate the closed account. Users may notify BTC if they wish to not have their information shared.

Information provided by users may be used to contact them via email or SMS with offers to view trading information, such as margin calls, and more.

By providing personal information to BTC, the user is authorizing the use of that information for the uses described above, as well to transfer the information to countries or jurisdictions that might, or might not, provide the same level of data protection as the user’s country of residency.

2) Sharing Information:-
    BTC will not share or disclose the information of any active or inactive user to any third party,whether affiliated or not, with the exception of:

  1. a. To service providers necessary to open, operate, or otherwise service the user’s account.
    This includes, but is not limited to attorneys, accountants, auditors, financial and other professionals, both within and without the European Economic Area. Personally identifiable information may also be utilized for marketing purposes, or to conduct market research for the BTC group to inform the user of products and services that might be of interest and to assist BTC to provide the most efficient service possible to each user.
  2. b. In response to any court order, subpoena, or judicial process or to demands by regulatory authorities, either with jurisdiction over BTC or of the user
  3. c. To protect itself from claims or liabilities, including fraud, unauthorized transactions, and money laundering
  4. d. BTC does share client information with cryptocurrency exchange platforms with whom our clients trade and with whom BTC works
3) Third Party Data Collection:-

Users who access the BTC website or application via a third party platform (e.g. Facebook), are automatically permitting BTC to access and/or collect information from that third party platform, account, or through cookies place on the computer or device by the third party, and permitted by the user’s terms of agreement with that platform. Any information that BTC shares with the third party platform will abide by the terms of the agreement with the user and that platform.

When users install the mobile application, BTC reserves the right to share some information that is provided with vendors and other service providers that are also involved in the operation of services provided by BTC, as well as for purposes of analytics, that could require reproduction of information that would not identify the individual user in any way whatsoever.

4) Third Party Data Collection – Actions

Users may opt-out of having their information used for purposes of third party analytics. To do so, users must go into http://www.mobileapptracking.com/privacy-policy/ and follow the directions provided on that website. Opting-out with the analytics provider does not limit BTC from collecting other information, based on the terms listed in this privacy policy, for other vendors and suppliers.

Security and Integrity of Information
BTC employs the latest data security technology, firewalls and encryption in order to protect all user information. Additionally, users can only access the platform by using a personal User Name and Password every time that they log into their account. The client’s personal information will be restricted to only the BTC officers and employees who need access to the information in order to best serve the client.

Changes to Privacy Policy
BTC reserves the right to review this privacy policy periodically and to make whatever changes to the policy that BTC deems necessary and appropriate. Any changes will take into consideration:

  1. a. Changes in BTC’s practices or operations
  2. b. Relevant changes in the law in the countries in which BTC operates
  3. c. Relevant advancements and changes in technology and the business environment

The BTC site may contain links to other websites. BTC is in no way responsible to the content or the privacy practices of those sites. It is wholly the responsibility of the user read and familiarize himself with the privacy policies and terms of use for any site that is linked to the BTC website. The BTC terms of use and privacy policy apply solely to information collected on the BTC site as detailed in this policy.

Updating Personal Information
It is the responsibility of the user to update any personal information that might change after he has opened his trading account. Furthermore, if a user believes that BTC has inaccurate information, for example, the wrong address or phone number, it is the responsibility of teh user to inform BTC as soon as possible. BTC will investigate the inaccuracies and correct any that need to be corrected in a timely manner.

Users are welcome to contact the BTC customer support team at support@btcsignal.com with any questions or clarifications regarding this privacy policy. Users contacting the support team should include their name, mailing address, email and telephone number in the message that they leave.